The Gulf Beaches Public Library is closed on

Monday, September 5,  2016.  

We will reopen Tuesday during regular library hours.



Gulf Beaches Public Library

Adult Summer Reading

Held June 13 - August 26

   Congratulations to all our winners!

For a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card (given away weekly):
    • Week 1 winner - Jane S.
    • Week 2 winner - Peggy L.
    • Week 3 winner - Joan F.
    • Week 4 winner - Veronica C.
    • Week 5 winner - Donna W.
    • Week 1 winner - Margaret E.
    • Week 1 winner - Mary W.
    • Week 1 winner - Stephanie T.
    • Week 1 winner - Scott F.
    • Week 1 winner - Donna B.
Thank you to the Friends of the Gulf Beaches Public Library
for sponsoring and financially supporting summer reading!


Roald Dahl 100th Birthday Party

Tuesday, Sept. 13

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Roald Dahl        

  • ENTER TO WIN A $20 Gift Card!Create a Roald Dahl character with a story that includes at least some of the words from Find Your Roald Dahl Name. Your story should have a villain or at least a very annoying person in it and the weirder your characters, the better. (Grumpy next door neighbors who might really be…something else? A kid in your class brings WHAT to school every day in his lunchbox?) Please submit this before Sept. 13 so the winner can be announced.
  • ENTER TO WIN a $10 Gift Card for best costume!
  • Party favors:We’re making Dream Jars!
  • Games: Bubblegum blowing lessons.
  • SPECIAL GUESTS: Rico and Bella!!!

TheebInternational Film Movement: Theeb Tuesday, September 6 @ 4:00 pm. Free refreshments served.

Nominated for a 2016 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Arabia, 1916. A young Bedouin boy named Theeb ("Wolf") ventures on a treacherous journey across the desert, encountering mercenaries, revolutionaries and raiders as he tries to survive and live up to the name his father gave him.



 Wednesday Movies

Every Wednesday @ 2:30 pm


Global Hits

Last Tuesday of the month @ 4:00 pm

  • August 30
  • September 27
  • October 25




Tech classes are offered each month on a variety of topics at the library's conference room @ 1:00 pm .

All classes are free. 

~~ Bring your questions about all your devices ~~

  • Open Forum - 2nd Monday of the month ( September 12)
  • Open Forum - 4th Monday of the Monday ( September 26)