Are you new to computers? Try these sites. 


New Computer User Tutorial
   The very basics of what you're looking at from the mouse to the keyboard to your screen.
Computer Basics (GCF Learn Free)
   Clear and easy to follow introduction to the parts of the computer
Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum
   A structured computer basics course that awards a Digital Literacy Certficate when complete. It starts with an assessment of your skills then covers computer basics, using the Internet, using Microsoft Office, and computer security and privacy.
Wifi, Bandwidth and Speed
   Wifi, bandwith and networks explained in lay terms

Learning to Use a Mouse

New to using the mouse, touchpad or trackball? These websites will improve your skills and build your confidence.

Mousing Around
  Basic information about the mouse
  Practice clicking and moving the mouse
Draw With Your Mouse
This allows you to draw lines with your mouse or touch pad, showing you how the mouse moves and helping you gain control.



Learn to Type & Use a Keyboard


Typing Lessons
   A series of free typing lessons to improve your skills
Treasure Dive
   A game designed to improve your typing skills; different skills levels are available.